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Our bread range includes white, wholemeal and malted loaves and our large loaves are also baked in square tins for sandwich making.

Besides the standard loaves, we also make bloomers, tiger loaves, sourdough, crusties, donkers(a dutch loaf), sweet moist malt loaves and tasty autumn gold and rusty loaves, sprinkled with a variety of seeds.

Our extensive range of rolls includes brown, white, wholemeal and malted rolls in many shapes and sizes:-Scotch baps, floured rolls, flat rolls, poppy knots, finger rolls, soup rolls, cheese rolls, cheese and onion rolls, stotties, sesame subs......and if you're having a barbecue, we have the rolls for you!

Other Bread Products
Cheese sticks, cheese, cherry and fruit scones, tea cakes, tea loaves, batons, baguettes and bannocks further extend our bread range.

Besides the ever popular sausage rolls, savoury steak, mince and onion pies and corned beef, cornish and cheese and onion pasties, we supply flans, quiches and fruit pies, including 11 inch plate quiches and Apple and Rhubarb pies.

Loaf tin cakes - cherry, rich chocolate, date and walnut, fruit farmhouse, ginger, lemon and madeira.
Traybakes - almond, chocolate biscuit cake, caramel, flapjack....
Cup cakes of all types and flavours
Muffins - blissful blueberry, comforting chocolate, luscious lemon, rapturous raspberry, tantalising toffee.

If it's cakes you want, we make them all.

Seasonal Products
Hot Cross Buns, Ginger Parkin, Mince Pies - we have products for all seasons.